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Market trends have changed the world of business, but something hasn‘t changed:

Sales, Supply Chain Management and After Sales Services are still the keys to success.

Best products, lowest costs and most efficient organizational structure will not allow to surviving in the market as long as the goods are not sold to the market as well as efficient and effective Supply Chain Processes, Logistic Structures and After Market Services are not in place.

But the new market situation requires new concepts for sales, supply chain and logistics as well.

Efficient sales processes have to make sure that success is not an accident. Success can be planned and the costs of sale have to be in line with the level of success.

Qualified and senior sales resources have to drive the business but their availability is often limited.

Cost pressure limit doesn‘t allow to have oversized sales organizations to be ready for each business situation. Sales resources are required on demand related to the specific needs.

Social legislation is limiting the flexibility to establish dynamic headcount with employed resources

New market segments have to be approached with limited risk and without long term obligations to be flexible and re-active for learning.

Specific local culture and market conditions have to be supported by selected resources.

Once a product, a project or a service is sold it has to be delivered.

Shortening product life cycles, rapidly changing customer needs, and breakthrough technological developments make the new product development (NPD), logistic concepts and after sales services challenging in most industries. In combination with increased pressure on margins and/or growth, managing the supply chain processes and the visibility on multi-tier level is a highly complex task for many companies.

We are here for you and serve you and your clients. 

We provide:

Starting a new business or launching a new product, conducting a marketing analysis is the first step in determining if there is a need or audience for your idea. Knowing the market’s needs and how it is currently serviced provides you with key information that is essential in developing your product/service and marketing plan. Too often, business spends thousands of dollars launching a “new” idea with a limited market and consequently limited success.

The ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Market Analysis will help you to:

• Determine if there is a need for your idea or product/service
• Prepare to enter a new market
• Launch a new product/service
• Start a new business

If you have decided to enter a new market there will be a time when it becomes obvious that you are required to have a local Representation. The ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Territorial Representative Service offering ensures that your company’s customers and prospects receive an adequate level of service. Your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile prime local business address and a credible, risk-free base for corresponding with your clients, such as

• Personalized Telephone answering
• On-demand Business Development
• Marketing
• Sales
• Administrative support
• Technical support
• Marketing campaigns

Thinking of exhibiting at a major tradeshow? Make sure you get the maximum results for your tradeshow dollars. ACE TRUMP CONSULTING understands that any event is only as successful as the number of qualified prospects who visit your booth. We will develop together with you a quality list to promote your participation, integrate email with our ability to reach decision makers via telephone contact to drive the number of qualified visitors to your booth. We have found that for tradeshows and similar events a minimum of 3 pre-event contacts is needed. Our Event Promotion includes:

• Database selection to your specifications
• Event promoting mailing (2-4 month prior event)
• Personal phone call (1-2 month prior event)
• Personal e-mail following phone call
• Email update with venue information and other details within (1 month prior event)
• Personal phone call to conform key meetings (3 days prior event)
• Email follow-up with “thank you note” 1 week after event
• Final report

Our telesales and business development team members are experienced professionals with specific industry knowledge. We follow through from database selection saying “thank you” to each attendee, by mail, e-mail or by phone, for coming. Our professionals use their personalities to develop rapport. They are trained to overcome obstacles between you and your prospects.

With a team of long-standing experts across multiple industry verticals, ACE TRUMP CONSULTING is well-positioned to provide “applied” knowledge to help with strategic and tactical growth, creating competitive advantages within or across verticals. ACE TRUMP CONSULTING provides high-qualified resources on demand to cover actual business needs and challenges on a temporary basis. With a proven background and experience in the business our resources are embedded into your organization and reporting lines.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Interim Specialists have years of hands-on senior management experience in small- and large-company environments. They work with clients on an interim, part-time basis in a variety of functional areas and capacities, including.

General Management
ACE TRUMP CONSULTING’ senior interim managers have undertaken interim management roles across all senior management levels, including Board-level, executive, senior and operational line and functional management positions.

Typical interim management roles that ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Executives have undertaken:
Chairmen and Non Executive Directors
Chief Executives, Managing Directors and General Managers
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Supply Chain Director
Business Development Director

Sales and Sales Management
Business Development

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Interim management is the perfect resourcing solution. It delivers experienced sales and business development professionals, handpicked for each situation - who can be flexed up and down as and when required.

Experienced interim sales managers and business development specialists can leverage their knowledge to help you rapidly identify, target, and enter new markets or geographic regions–leaving your sales team free to focus on vital day-to-day business.

Interim sales managers who are turnaround specialists can quickly assess a company's situation, see where the sales strategy is failing, and bring their massive experience and impartiality to bear.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING interim sales and business development resources - who have successfully handled such initiatives in similar business situations – are a no-risk, results-guaranteed route

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING pre-sales consultants will be actively involved in all aspects of the sales cycle, especially demonstrating the functionality of the solution. The main focus will be to:

Provide expert knowledge and advice on the company’s business service, methodologies, technologies including documentation, presentations and training to new and existing customers and the internal vertically aligned sales teams.

Assist in the development and refinement of the company’s services offering. Generate new business growth by penetrating deeper and wider into existing customer accounts and identifying new business opportunities in other departments and divisions.

Project Management
Once a product and/or service is sold, it is of major importance to deliver successfully and to the total satisfaction of the customer. This implementation project is essential for future business. ACE TRUMP CONSULTING provides on demand a senior project manager for the implementation project until the delivery is accepted and paid or even beyond if you wish so. Our experienced ACE TRUMP CONSULTING program and project management specialists are able to quickly assimilate and manage business and technology assignments spanning a range of business environments, sizes and complexities.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING provides clients with a complete sales and marketing organization without fixed overheads and costs. Our team – creative professionals, accomplished sales managers, account executives, presales consultants and project managers provide strategic planning, sales management, sales execution and delivery in all steps of setting up and running a successful sales organization in a new market or geographic region.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Agency Services are ideal for organizations that require a complete sales and/or business development team but don’t want to expand their organization. Based on our clients needs and budget the ACE TRUMP CONSULTING service will be tailored and deploy accordingly. Our streamlined approach is focused on our customers. The ACE TRUMP CONSULTING approach is surprisingly cost effective by targeting the most likely prospects of our customers under their name and logo, fully embedded in our clients´ organizational structure.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING creates a highly measurable service because we work from a mutually agreed upon business plan, budget, timeline, and results measurement system. ACE TRUMP CONSULTING customers know precisely what their investment generates against the plan.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING Agency Services portfolio consists of:
• Market Research and Analysis
• Conceptual planning to enter New Markets /or New Regions
• Build up local Presence
• Local Office Management
• Resources on Demand

How often have you heard from your sales force arguments like:
We are too expensive.
We don‘t have the functionality that‘s required.

Are these the real reasons for not being successful or are these just excuses?

Buying is not only about getting a product or a service, it‘s also a certain level of trust. Making a decision is related to taking risk. None of the decision makers on the buying side is willing to take a risk that can damage his career. A business decision has to be in line with his personal agenda.

A clear structured sales process, understanding the decision making process and having a validated closing plan in place will make sure that you are running successful sales cycles.

Spending time and effort in unrealistic or wrong sales cycles is not efficient, will bind resources and costs a lot of money.
If you loose - loose early.

You can‘t win every deal, but can make sure that the focus is on the right Opportunities and that all necessary activities are done properly to have success.

ACE TRUMP CONSULTING has the knowledge, experience and the capability to improve the efficiency of sales by
• implementing structured sales processes and closing plans
• training the sales force
• establishing sales team spirit
• coaching the individuals
• setting up valuable sales review sessions
• giving an inside view in buying behavior and decision processes
• improving relationship management to customer contacts

Our knowledge spans direct Sales, Government Relations, Contracting and Proposals.

Supply Chain Management, we are experts and solution provider for projects in supply chain management, logistics and after sales services – across borders and industry sectors. We are helping you to integrate and automate your most critical supply chain processes across multiple tiers of trading partners.

Our innovative software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, maintain, sell, and distribute products more efficiently. We offer “cockpit” solutions to gain visibility into and control over your supply chain and trading networks through the real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics.

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